Since its inception, Suntree has started the prelude of building its own brand. After 10 years of experience, Suntree has won as many as 40 patents, including 10 invention patents. During this period, Suntree not only acquired Shenzhen Litto New Energy Co.,Ltd, entered into Grid inverter market, but also was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises and technology research and development centers, and has become the State Grid designated suppliers.

In view of this, Suntree not only focus on the control of technical team and product quality, but also focus on the sales team. Both teams have 16 years of practical experience, which is enough to bring customers the best purchasing experience and safe electrical products.

Since Suntree’s inception, the proportion of technology investment from the initial sales of 0.3% to 5% now, strong support for the technological changes in the product, the only purpose is to bring customers most secure products. Suntree set up a different technical team and project members: DC components for solar system (such as DC circuit breakers, DC isolating switch, DC surge protector , inverters, combiner boxes, etc.), power distribution systems for construction industry (such as ATS, MCB, MCCB, etc.), have completed the transition from the AC system to the DC